Hubba Movie Review: an gangstar life story with Musharraf Karim

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Hubba Movie Review: an gangstar life story with Musharraf Karim

Lachi that Kharaj Mukherjee has any brother ?? Or did he dive into the pool of Asiona’s youth in the 80s…
Some things are repeated, sorry for that…
1-2-3-4-5 in the rear stall, (I was in the front row, because there is no fear, you can sit wherever you want) in the balcony, 7-8 people in the mereket. Hubba came to see this. After the remodeling of Gitanjali Cinema Hall, this is the first movie to watch in this hall. Now its sound quality and the picture quality of the projector seems to be similar to Inox. Dunki’s time was turned on. I could not see the brown hyena because it would have been late by the time I returned home after watching the 5 o’clock show. whatever It is clear that without the expected content and well-known star or director, all these movies will not do well here. And not only if there is a famous star-director who will tear the shi. It means that it is not clear what is happening. It is also true that if you want to write a screenplay on a large scale, you will need a lot of budget for it. Like in case of Hubbara, I felt that it was a film to be made on a larger scale. (Everybody knows the story of the movie, I won’t go into it anymore) because his life seems to be very strange and full of events.

I felt that the events were only touched upon in the movie. The climax is the most disappointing. There were twists but the way they were presented was not at all impressive. No scar could be cut in the mind. Although I don’t know any case of Hubba Shyamal. However, watching the movie, I felt that the events were presented very briefly. But the story of his life may be more condensed. Organic and RAW seemed to be missing somewhere. Acting has been more or less good by all. Musharraf Karim has really done a great job. I like the use of language. Swearing is fine. But in some places, his character is revealed properly. He felt weak. In fact, their world is quite big. There is not much detailing in this movie to show that. So it seems. That is, the screenplay has been neglected. And that seems to be because of the budget.


Based on the life of Hubba Shyamal Das, the Dawood of Hoogly, the story traces the life of Hubba Bimal, his descent into crime and how he was caught.

Film Information

Writer & DirectorBratya Basu
StarsIndraneil Sengupta, Mosharraf Karim
Comedy | Thriller
Film Information

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The writing of the climax has become very simple. Nothing dramatic. And with a little time this part could have been shown. Think of the place in satya, where vikku is going to be killed… before that vikku talks to everyone downstairs… when the sangapangas offer liquor, she says she will come downstairs to join them after a while, she promises she will come… then goes upstairs and bau’s election. Viku is so happy with the joy of winning… then suddenly it all ends… an emotion comes out from there… Viku is lying unconscious… even after Viku dies the scene continues for a while… this is how the scene is so dramatic. The caliber of Anurag Kashyap and Ramgopal Varma is written here…the making of the truth is so beautiful that one can easily connect. I think it is missing a lot in Hubba. Because, the events that were being shown, the reasons why Hubba went on committing murders, the writing, the way in which the events needed to be shown in order to make them believable seemed to be a bit shaky.

Hubba Movie Review: an gangstar life story with Musharraf Karim

At the beginning of the movie, the establishing shots looked like they were going to see something pretty good… but even when the events came, they couldn’t make any impact, due to the weakness of the making. The reasons behind the murders are weakly written. Incidents of political leaders using Hubba did not make much of an impact. Maybe whoever played the lead wasn’t acting right or the background score wasn’t very good so Nico took the build up. It is also fair to say that the background score is not very good. That’s why the weight of the sines did not increase. The songs are fine. I felt that the surrounding locale setpieces or real locations used were not enough. More people could have been shown in a broader perspective. The worldbuilding wasn’t right. The movie would have been better if it had been made on a larger scale. Indranil Sengupta’s character was forced at times.

Hubba Movie Review: an gangstar life story with Musharraf Karim

The screenplay was loose in some places. In the beginning, I was getting a little sleep (even without eating rice). Then the movie becomes engaging. But going to that climax, the end was not saved. It was all understood who did what for whose benefit but the impact was not right. But I like to see that everyone is given space in the story. Hubbara’s mid-life role is well done by her as well. There are a couple of daring shots. Soumik Halder’s camera work is good. But director Bratya Basu seemed to be unable to shoot the scenes by directing him well. I don’t know if the director gave the cinematographer all the freedom to shoot here. Because a lot of the shots looked downright clichéd. Overall the detailing of a time period was missing in many places. I can’t tell who it was for. Actually the story should have been written in more detail. Still, there are no gangster dramas like this in Bengal…hopefully it has started. If you are a devoted fan of Musharraf Karim, you can go and see the movie. He excelled in the character of Hubba. But don’t get high hopes, this will be that…they just didn’t happen.
Many people will say that only a good budget can make a good movie…but it is also true that a film made with a low budget may not be good. But if given a good budget, a good director can make a good movie, that too is true, because in Bengali industry 100-200 crores.

Release date of ‘Hubba?

Release date of ‘Hubba’ is 2024-01-19

Who is the Lead Actor?

Musharraf Karim

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